Marma training with Anisha is a gentle and profound hands on learning experience.   She has taken the teachings from Dr. Lad, and made them her own, adding her own quality of shakti, female intuitive wisdom.  Anisha has a gentle wisdom about her. Her knowledge is vast and she offers a practical way to practice this mystical art. I highly recommend this training!!!
— Rima Shah, Ayurvedic Practitioner, Oct. 2017 


  • Well-organized, well-paced balance between lecture, demonstration, and hands-on experience. Helpful feedback from Anisha on point location and amount of pressure to provide. This workshop presents powerful tools for rejuvenation and relaxation. - Dawn Miller, Vini-Yoga Therapist

  • The continual focus and build of material in the workshop was helpful. Anisha presents a complex system of marma therapy points so it is accessible to a beginner and also of value to acupuncturists, massage therapists, and yoga practitioners.- C.L.

  • This workshop was fantastic! Anisha has so much knowledge and expertise. Getting feedback during the hands on work was most helpful. I would love to study further! - A.S.

  • I feel confident I can use this information in a practical way. As a restorative yoga teacher, I appreciate the confidence I have to use marma therapy protocols on my clients. Anything that will help my clients feel that deep sense of ease. Giving and receiving was the most helpful part of this class. Very clear teaching and accessible language. I feel amazing after this workshop- like I spent a day at the spa!- H..H. yoga teacher

  • I would recommend this class to others for self-care, to enhance bodywork training, or for yoga teachers. - Melissa Ferrato, Yoga Teacher Dec 2015


  • Anisha’s teaching style is beautiful and on point. I learned more than I could have imagined because everything she explained made sense. Her gentle approach made it fun and inviting and I couldn’t wait for the next day to learn more! She is a fountain of knowledge! - Darrah G. mom & healer

  • Anisha is an excellent presenter, clear and precise while sharing her extensive knowledge about ayurveda and marma chikitsa. The information was well organized and built up to a complete protocol for treating self and others. - Robin L., massage therapist

  • As an ayurvedic health counselor, I am always looking to add to my skills. Excited that I could study with Anisha, a highly skilled teacher who presented marma therapy in a concise and accessible way. Anyone who wants to learn ways to calm their mind and stay healthy should learn marma therapy from Anisha. - Dia F., ayurvedic health counselor.

  • I love the course! It’s a lot in a short time. During these days I learned a lot about marma points and beyond. Anisha is very professional, a wonderful teacher who explains what is needed on marma therapy points. - Martha G., ayurvedic health counselor.


  • Anisha’s wisdom and all facets of the amazingly well-rounded training exceeded my already high expectations. I felt excited, well-rested, and engaged each day of the course. Marma has offered me a level of self-care that feels so necessary, and I’m so grateful for that. Anisha was through with everything she presented. I never felt overwhelmed. Both time spent in demo’s and practicum made me feel a deep well of confidence in using marma therapy on others in a way that honors Ayurveda. I loved the balance between experiencing being both a recipient of marma therapy and also a practitioner. I walk away from this training with a deeper sense of self-love and appreciation, a stronger commitment to bring Ayurveda to my community, and a tangible, effective modality of healing out into the world. Beyond moved and inspired. Whatever force brought me here, whatever choices I made that made this training possible- I am forever grateful. - Marisa H. yoga teacher, ayurvedic health counselor

  • This training was remarkable and a powerful opportunity to learn this beautiful ancient bodywork practice. Great balance between learning styles: hands-on work with partners, practical, demo videos, lecture, and meditations. Her clear integration of subtle energies and pranic activity deepened the practice. Practicing on each other was probably the most useful aspect of learning the techniques. I definitely feel confident to use this on myself and loved ones. It was truly a blessing to spend 7 days learning with Anisha. She has a gift to teach the complex wisdom of the Ayurvedic tradition without ego and with grace. Thank you for sharing. - Hannah A. lactation consultant

  • Anisha is an amazing teacher and so thorough! Her course is comprehensive, detailed, nourishing, and touching on all levels. Far exceeding my expectations. - Norlen L. dental hygienist

  • I really enjoyed this program- a well rounded balance between lecture, practice, and experience. Anisha clearly has a deep understanding of Ayurveda and her clinical work as an acupuncturist and treating clients regularly with these points helped immensely. I’m excited to share this practice with students and clients. - P. yoga teacher, massage therapist

  • So much information presented so clearly! Very comprehensive, great support. - Surinda C. ayurvedic bodywork practitioner